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Flyers are great for presenting the company in a simple way and at the same time announcing launches and promotions. If these pamphlets are pleasing in design, with the good print quality and beautiful paper, they radiate professionalism!

It is a great material to deliver to the people you intend to do business with (and can be delivered along with your personal card), not being so invasive.

The distribution of pamphlets is a very effective form of dissemination that, in addition to being simple, is a low-cost material. However, you must remember a few details in order for your pamphlet to catch the public’s attention.

Keep reading, and you will see:

  • Set a goal for the flyer
  • The message must comply with the five W’s
  • Create good headlines
  • Less is more
  • Tune in between sources
  • Empty spaces facilitate the understanding of the pamphlet
  • Color has meaning
  • Inform your contacts
  • Review the material
  • Print with quality
  • Make a good leaflet

Rule 01: Define A Goal For The Pamphlet

The first step is to understand its application and purpose. The pamphlet should contain quick and easy-to-understand messages with attractive content and elements that lead to action, such as the famous “ask now” or “call now.”

Rule 02: The Message Must Comply With The Five W’s

In the creation process, one must think that the message should reach the five W’s: Who (who), what (what), where (where), when (when), and why (because).

Rule 03: Create Good Headlines

The title is a fundamental piece. It is necessary that it draws attention, inform and justify why people should go to your company or store. An interesting way of thinking about headlines is to generate curiosity, inform a benefit and get as personal as possible. So be sure that it is exactly what you want to disclose.

Rule 04: Less Is More

Surely you have already been handed a pamphlet with various information, you ended up getting lost and did not understand the content. Be careful with the excess of photos and texts so as not to confuse you!

Rule 05: Tune In Between Sources

Pay attention to the font (font type) you will choose. Choose, as well as the images, few sources. Preferably for two or, at most, three types: one for the title and one for the rest. Do not use mixed letters, as it will take the focus off the reader, who will tire of the message more easily.

Rule 06: Empty Spaces Facilitate The Understanding Of The Pamphlet

You must leave some empty spaces on your form. Material with too much information is confusing and will no longer be of interest to the reader. In addition to the white space being relaxing, it will attract the attention of the public, as it is a simple and quick to understand the material. White space contributes to the visualization of the message.

Rule 07: Color Has Meaning

The color should be chosen according to what the company wants to promote. Blue transmits security, red refers to food, and gray suggests elegance. Prefer light colors in the background and more striking tones for the letters.

Rule 08: Inform Your Contacts

The last thing the customer reads, is what will become clearer in his memory. Therefore, choose to leave the company name, address, phone and email at the bottom of the pamphlet.

Rule 09: Review The Material

With the art of your material ready, make sure that your contact details are correct and that there are no spelling errors. These seemingly simple slips can convey the feeling of neglect by the brand and the customer. If necessary, ask others to read and explain what they understand from the message.

Rule 10: Print With Quality

Now that you’ve checked the layout of the flyer and made all the necessary changes, it’s time to worry about printing the material. No printing on your home or office printer. Remember that you are exposing your brand and must maintain professional communication.

Need help with attractive Flyer Design for your business? ElitionsDesign has you covered. Just leave us a message with your contact details, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.