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Who are we, then? Who makes up the team that serves across Hertfordshire and Greater London?


Shivram Balachandar

Founder, Director & Business Analyst – Elitions Limited

B.Tech. Information Technology (India)
MSc. Enterprise Systems Professional (UK)

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®)
BCS Certified Business Analyst Practitioner
Certified in Product Ownership Analysis (CPOA®)
SAP® Certified Business Intelligence and Business Warehousing Consultant

Shivram has 13 years of extensive IT experience across multiple domains and comes from a multi-faceted professional background. He has helped our clients by ensuring their needs are understood and then met during the lifespan of any projects that we have taken on.

Through his keen eye for detail and his ability to translate business needs into the right design, Shivram plays a key role in helping us to deliver the artistic vision that we sell to our clients.


Sharmila Ramamoorthy

Director & Consultant – Elitions Limited

B.Tech. Information Technology (India)
MSc. Enterprise Systems Professional (UK)

SAP® Certified Business Intelligence and Business Warehousing Consultant

Sharmila has been our core pillar since our inception. An outstanding systems analyst, Sharmila uses her wide-reaching creative and technical expertise to improve our design, programming, and debugging systems and manages our social media campaigns that help to achieve the company’s marketing goals.

Sharmilla has served in various roles, helping us to bring together designs which are aesthetically pleasing but also more than capable of retaining the functionality that makes our designs stand out, ensuring they attract customers and retain your vision.


We’re always on the lookout for creative talents.

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Years of Professional Industry Experience To Enable Your Vision Come True

At ElitionsDesign, we are proud to help our clients take complex business ideas and turn them into intelligent designs. We listen, we learn, and we build a clear structure for your required business designs. We remove the confusion and uncertainty that is so often tied into digital design. By creating imagery that is based on the content you provide and the message you wish to put across, we ensure that your business can become more open, more friendly, and more likely to see a consistent return of customers in the weeks, months, and years to come.


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