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Graphic Design

Create a Concept or Digital Design tailored to your needs.

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Without a doubt, one of the most useful tools that you can have on your side today comes from graphical detail. Standout graphics are always a useful part of making sure that your business can stand out and give someone the right impression of what you offer.

If you are running a business today, you want to find every way that you can to ensure that your business is easily seen apart from your competition. And with the services involving graphical design that we provide here at ElitionsDesign, we make sure you get a look tailored to you.

Here are some of the major services that our team can provide you with as part of our package…

Graphics & Art

One of our most common services in the graphics design industry includes graphics, art, and visuals. Our services make it nice and simple for you to pick out a range of designs and styles that feel totally in sync with who you are.

From creating tailored mascots and designs that are immediately recognisable to you, we also use art that is going to entice in a new audience entirely. This helps to build a large audience of people who know who you are, whilst ensuring you have a cache of artwork, imagery, and marketing materials.

Product and Character Design

Are you looking to design a quality character that immediately stands out? Want a mascot that becomes instantly recognisable as part of your wider brand? Then we are here to assist. One thing that we take very seriously in our designs is the ability to master the right kind of tone and imagery. Whether it’s for a brand mascot or a product branding style you want to become yours, we can assist you today.

Through intelligent design and planning, we make sure that our product and characters are designed to really fit your intended audience. We look to find out what your business does and the problems it solves, before tying in the design, theme, and colour scheme to exactly match your business. Now, it’s easier than ever to create products and characters that inspire confidence in your consumers!

Social Media Design

When running social media accounts, one of the best choices that you can make is to invest your time and resources into social media design. Quality and well designed social media channels retain a look and a professionalism that draws customers back time and time again.

Crucially, though, social media design also allows you to create a branded unison from page to page. Now, we can ensure that your social media pages tie in with the rest of your creating, creating a unified marketing image that ticks every box and maximises the results time and time again.

Product Photography

When you want to advertise the products that you sell, you need to use the right angles to make it sell itself. The imagery alongside the description makes up that crucial first impression, which is something we look to focus on heavily. With our product photography, you have access to all of the help and information that you need to really make your photos shine.

From using neutral backgrounds to creating intelligent backdrops to help sell the story, we use all the tricks we have to make your products jump out from the page. Make your products look desirable, refreshing, modern, and outstanding with the help of quality product photography aimed to make the right impression. We care deeply about the photography standards used, ensuring your image is captured in the correct lighting, context, and moment. This helps to make your product go from a may-buy to a must-buy!

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