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July 3, 2020 admin



The user experience (UX) should guide a good part of the actions of companies that wish to differentiate themselves. With digital marketing, this is also important and has to do mainly with improving the user experience on the website.

The idea is to make the page more inviting and persuasive to generate positive impacts on the public’s perception. With the right techniques, it is feasible to reinforce the consolidated performance by this means.

Next, see 6 tips to improve the user experience on your company’s website!

1) Adaptation to other devices

To ensure that all users have a good experience, it is essential to invest in the responsiveness of the elements. The layout must be able to adapt to the screen size, without losses in terms of understanding texts or visualizing images.

This ability to adjust to different devices will make the majority of the public have a consistent experience and within the parameters desired by your brand.

2) Good image quality

Visual communication is much more effective, since it impacts and transmits information quickly to the brain. To take advantage of this feature and improve the customer experience on the website , it is essential to use good quality images.

Opt for high-resolution photos and videos, as they make a better impression and increase user satisfaction. In addition, quality is essential to avoid loss of information, as in infographics.

It is essential to choose images consistent with the business, that are authentic and with the right copyright. Escape the clichés consolidated in certain image banks and invest in quality to optimize communication.

3) Layout structure

The design of the website is important because it communicates the visual identity and strengthens the brand. More than appearance, however, it is necessary to take care of the structure and all the elements of the layout. The intention is that the site is intuitive, easy to load, and functional for current demands.

It is the case of using a structure with the appropriate construction tools, without the person needing special resources to visit and view all the information. Regarding the division, it is possible to have a one page website or with multiple pages, depending on the needs of the business.

After all, it is interesting to add blanks. They give a “breath” to the visual and textual elements and favor the complete understanding of the page. With a quality structure, users are more satisfied with the visit to the virtual address.

4) Ease of finding information

Visitors want to find what they want without encountering difficulty or taking too long. Therefore, one of the measures to improve the user experience on the website is to expand the usability and the facility to find information.

Having an internal search field in a prominent position and simplified use will allow people to search (and find) what they want. Depending on the situation, it is worth offering refinement filters. An e-commerce site, for example, should favor the categorization of searches.

It is also interesting to take care of the layout of information in the layout, as in the menus. The so-called hamburger menu is one that has information in “layers”, leading people to explore the entire site. With a clear division and ease of navigation, the perception is more positive.

5) Use of CTA buttons

The CTAs buttons are essential to guide the user to take action on the site. In practice, it is a way to direct the visit and even to make people enjoy the site better. It is important to correctly define the buttons and their characteristics to optimize the experience.

It needs to be clear and have the necessary prominence so that visitors have no doubts about where to click or how to “take the next step.” It is worth resorting to the contrast of elements, such as using different color sets or sizes.

6) Facilitating user contact

Another way to improve user experience is to create an uncomplicated path for contact with the business. The idea is to allow people to speak easily with the company to bring the relationship closer and guarantee differentiated results.

One way to do this is with the help of specific links. Creating an internal page with all the means of contact allows people to choose how they want to speak to the public.

In addition, it is possible to use different plugins and resources. From using contact forms to chatbots, it is worth thinking about ways to ensure contact without the person having to leave the site. This brings practicality and dynamism to the approach.

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